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Discreet Service

We are not only committed to providing you with superior service and unmatched professionalism, but we have also strived to ensure a completely discreet shopping environment. We value your privacy and will not sell any of your personal information to third parties.

Discreet Billing

Any charge will appear as Opticalxtreme Inc. on your credit card statement.

Discreet Shipping

All orders will be shipped in plain box, brown or white envelopes. There are no flyers or advertisements in the package, and there is a plain label that simply has your name and address, and a discreet return address. There is no invoice of any sort in the box. All U.S. orders are shipped with original product packaging. We use standard packaging method for packing items for delivery in the United States.

All non-U.S. orders have the special way of packaging.

- The DVD or CD is removed from the case and labels are removed.
- Each items is then protectively wrapped - cloth CD envelope for maximum protection from scratch and card board is used to provide extra protection for disc.
- All DVDs or CDs are put in plain brown or white envelopes, and then taped seal. Sometimes, labels are packed separately.
-Finally, a very discreet shipping label with no advertising whatsoever is placed on the envelope or box. Package is visually inspectedone final time before delivering to carrier. Since some countries do not allow adult materials through customs, we have learned to take extra precautions with certain countries and ship in a way as not to attract attention. However, it is your responsibility to know your country's customs laws on the importation of adult material. We will not refund or reship orders that has been confiscated and rejected by customs. You may put special request in the"Comments"field during the Checkout"process or feel free to email us for special request.