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Our Abuse Reporting Policy ensures a comprehensive framework for reporting violations of our Terms and Conditions, along with any instances of illegal or non-consensual content. We are committed to operating this system with efficiency and promptness, adhering to principles of fairness and reasonableness. Our goal is to address all reports within seven (7) business days, offering clear guidelines to prevent recurrence of issues. Upon identifying a violation, we will assess the situation and take appropriate action. Illegal content is promptly removed from our platform. We do not hold users accountable for activities occurring on external platforms or offline. In cases where consent disputes cannot be resolved internally, they are referred to a neutral arbitration association at our expense. We will communicate any actions taken or request further information via email or other electronic means.

Copyright Infringement Notice: If you have experienced copyright infringement, please submit a takedown request using the form below.

Regarding Repeat and Egregious Offenders: We maintain the authority to implement escalated measures against users who (1) consistently breach our regulations, or (2) commit a single severe violation of our rules. These escalated measures may entail, but are not restricted to, account deletion and future prohibition from accessing this Site.

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