AVentertainments.com offers a wide range of payment options to our customers at their convenience.

U.S. domestic orders: We accepts: VISA, MASTER card, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, UnionPay, Personal Check, Bank or Cashier's check and Money order.

International orders: We accepts: VISA, MASTER card, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, UnionPay, International Postal Money Order and Bank Transfer.


  • Q-1: Credit Card Payment Condition
  • You may place an order by using credit card online or faxing in. After receiving your order, we will verify your billing information with your card issued bank. If your billing information in the order is not correct, it will delay your order processing. We will contact you by email for the correct billing information. Sometimes, we may ask you to provide the following information by fax or email:

    1) Copy of your driver license or photo ID to prove of your age.
    2) Copy of your credit card (Front and back side).
    3) Copy of your credit card statement with your name & address on it.  

    We guarantee that we are acting properly according to the guideline issued by the credit card company. Asking for the credit card or monthly statement image can ensure that you are the rightful credit cardholder and minimize the possibility of any unauthorized usage of your credit card.

    CVV2 & CVC2 Card ID Number required: CVV2 is an important new security feature for credit card transactions on the Internet. "CVV" stands for "Card Verification Value" (Discover Card calls it the "Cardmember ID"). The CVV2/CVC2 number (usually 3 or 4 digits) is a security code used to verify you are in possession of the card being used for payment. For us to provide our customers with the most secure shopping environment possible, we will verify the "CVV2" number on all credit card orders.   How to identified CVV2 Card ID?

    What is CCV?
    is a new authentication scheme established by credit card companies to further efforts towards reducing fraud for internet transactions. It consists of requiring a card holder to enter the CCV number in at transaction time to verify that the card is on hand.

    Visa, Master, Discover Card & UnionPay: This number is printed on your cards in the signature area of the back of the card. (It is the last 3 digits AFTER the credit card number in the signature area of the card).

    American Express: This number is printed on the front of your card. (It is the last 4 digits).

  • Q-2: What is Express Checkout?
  • Express Checkout is to save your Shipping Information, Credit Card and Billing Information for next purchase.

    【Express Checkout ON/OFF】
    Express Checkout is ON as default at confirmation page. You can leave check mark on if you want to use Express Checkout and click "PLACE ORDER." If you don't want to use Express Checkout, please uncheck the box and click "PLACE ORDER."


    【Change your Express Checkout status】
    Since your Express Checkout is ON, your next purchase will skip all steps and goes to confirmation page automatically. If you want to stop Express Checkout service, please click "TURN OFF" button located at the upper right corner.

    Also if you want to change your address or credit card information, you can click any sections of "EDIT" on your right.
    **You can't change your Credit Card information from MYACCOUNT.**

  • Q-3: Check & International Postal Money order payment condition
  • During the order completion process, simply select pay by "MAIN-IN". After your order is successfully placed and assigned with an Order Number, please make sure to write your order number on the check/money order.

    Make the check/money order payable to: and mail it to:

    U.S. Domestic Orders: We will arrange to ship your order once your payment check is cleared. Your check will take about 5-7 day to be cleared from the date of our receipt of your payment check. (Including all checks: Personal Check, Bank or Cashier's Check and Money Order)   International Orders: International customer can purchase an International Postal Money Order (PMO) in U.S. Dollars from their local post office. Your PMO check will take about 5-7 days to be cleared from the date of our receipt of your payment check. We will ship out your order once your payment check is cleared.

    Below is a sample of International Postal Money Order check.

    List of countries accepting direct International Money Orders: :

    Antigua and Barbuda
    British Virgin Islands
    Cape Verde
    Dominican Republic
    El Salvador ($500 limit)
    Guyana ($500 limit)
    St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis
    St. Lucia
    St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    Sierra Leone
    Trinidad and Tobago 

  • Q-4: How will your charge show up on my credit card statement?
  • The charge will appear as Opticalxtreme Inc. on your credit card statement.

  • Q-5: Is my credit card information secure on the internet?
  • Internet Security is a top priority at our website, and we use the most up-to-date measures to keep your shopping experience safe and secure. You can tell that a browser is secure in a couple of different ways: In a non-secure mode, the web site address begins with 'http://'. In a secure mode, the address should begin with 'https://' - that 's' stands for 'secure'. You will notice yourself entering a secured zone after you enter in your billing information when placing an order.

    At this time, some browsers will display a window that notifies you that you are entering the secured zone. Once in the secured zone, you will begin receiving pages in a highly secure and encrypted format.

    On the bottom left hand or bottom right hand corners of your browser window, you should see icon symbols that indicate the safety of this site. Our website guarantee that every transaction you make will be safe and secure. We use Verisign SSL Web Server Certificates to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site. Verisign has checked and verified the company registration documents and the site's registered domain name.

  • Q-6: Who should I make my check payable to?
  • Please make your check payable to .

  • Q-7: Where should I send my payment to?
  • Please send your payment to the following address::

  • Q-8: Can I send cash to pay for my order?
  • AVentertainments.com strongly suggests that you shouldn't send cash by post since it is illegal to do so and also we will not be responsible for any money lost on route.

  • Q-9: Do I have to pay TAX?
  • U.S. Domestic Taxes Orders ship to addresses in "California" are charged a 9.75% sales tax on their purchases. All other Domestic orders are tax free. As for International Duty Taxes, AVentertainments.com will not be responsible for International Duty Taxes.

  • You can browse our "Help Center" from the upper left menu or simply E-MAIL us with your question or concern at: sales@aventertainments.com